Kinesiology can help with:

  • Back pain or neck pain
  • Anxiety, stress or depression
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Behavioural problems
  • Food sensitivities / intolerances
  • Digestive problems
  • Fatigue
  • Long term pain or illness
  • Learning difficulties


Vitality Kinesiology


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Kinesiology Sessions

My clients get amazing results and you can too. You’ll notice a change after just one session, and for some people 1 session may be enough, however most people require a series of sessions, depending on your situation and health needs. More chronic ailments may take longer to address and generally a series of sessions are recommended to support you to create deep, lasting change in your life.

I will assess your needs and develop an individualised care plan at your first session.

A kinesiology consultation usually takes up to 1½ hours depending on the individual needs of each client. You remain fully clothed for the session. It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing.


“I suffered from chronic fatigue and was treated for endocrine imbalance by a medical doctor with little result over nearly a year.  I stopped all drug treatment and started acupuncture and then later combined it with kinesiology.  I feel better every day and more in tune with my body as it slowly comes back into balance.  As a result of kinesiology balancing I have made some positive changes in my life towards a lifestyle that maintains a good balance physically, mentally & spiritually.  I see kinesiology as a language that my body uses to converse with me through a practitioner.  Listening and staying tuned in to that dialogue is what has improved my health to date.”