Kinesiology can help with:
  • Back pain or neck pain
  • Anxiety, stress or depression
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Behavioural problems
  • Food sensitivities / intolerances
  • Digestive problems
  • Fatigue
  • Long term pain or illness
  • Learning difficulties

Vitality Kinesiology


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Specialised Kinesiology

Specialised Kinesiology is an adjunctive natural healing method that uses muscle testing as a biofeedback technique that is used to determine communication problems, imbalances or dis-harmonies in mind, body or spirit. Once identified the practitioner may employ wide range of techniques to correct the imbalances identified and confirm the correction by re-testing the muscle.

At its most basic level muscle testing is used to check if individual muscles are functioning properly. The Specialised Kinesiologist places your limbs into specific positions and then applies firm or light pressure depending on the type of testing being employed. The quality of response to this pressure determines whether or not the muscle is working properly or facilitated, or not working properly inhibited. Imbalances in the muscle tone result in structural deviations that can cause a verity of client complaints from discomfort and pain to more serious conditions of dis-ease.

Each muscle is also linked to an acupuncture meridian and has physical, emotional, nutritional and energetic components. Many somatic reflexes that affect body fluid flows such as neurolymphatic and neurovascular reflexes also have organ and muscle relationships and are used in many correction procedures. Imbalances in any one of these systems can also cause a muscle to weaken and correction of the imbalance in most cases corrects the muscle weakness.

A Specialised Kinesiologist through muscle testing can detect and correct many different components of an imbalanced system and restore harmony which often reverses the process of dis-ease. In specialised kinesiology the Specialised Kinesiologists observes the client as a whole organism rather than a symptom. This allows many different avenues of approach and requires that the client be totally involved in their own healing process.

Written by Richard Duree, Neuroenergetic Psychology Institute, Oregon, USA. He was former executive board member and the Research Director for the International Association of Specialised Kinesiologists (I-ASK).

"Every Time I walk into Renee's clinic, I walk out amazed. After a lifetime of complex pain (physical and emotional) and having seen numerous doctors and specialists I was introduced to kinesiology - it really works!  Renee is an expert in this area, and whilst I greatly admire her dedication and passion for wanting to heal people, it's the results that are truly impressive. Renee was able to accurately apply treatment to suit my specific needs and I cannot thank her enough. Do yourself a favour - try it, see the results for yourself!"


Sue-Anne Morley